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2014 Recharter Dates
Ontario  -- Tue, Dec 9
Nyssa  --  Wed, Dec 10
Burns ----  Thu, Dec 11
Weiser -- Wed, Dec 17
Community Units
contact Jan Partin
New cell 208-899-7304

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Journey To Excellence replaces Honor Unit award


                        Calendar Highlights             click to go to District Calendar (for more items)             
 Dec 11 
 Round Table, Payette HS 7:30pm 
 Dec 9-17 Charter turn in!! 
 Jan 15 McCall Round Table
 Jan 8
 Round Table, Payette HS 7:30pm 
 Jan 17
 District First Aid Competition, Vendome, Weiser
 Jan 24 Pow Wow and University of Scouting, Capital HS, Boise 8am - 4 pm
 Feb 7 Winter Merit Badge Clinic, Payette LDS Church
 Feb 12 Round Table, Payette HS 7:30pm 
 Feb 21 Adult Leader Training    Boy Scout, Varsity and Venture
 Feb 27-28 District Winter Camporee

Upcoming Activities by Group  





Scouting For Food
Nov 1 - 8
National Service Project

District First Aid Competition
Vendome, Weiser
10 am - 3 pm Jan 17

Varsity/Venture Round table
Archery, Weiser at 265 E. Commercial
7:30 pm  See Event Info or click here  
for more information

It's Re-Charter Time!!!

District First Aid Competition
Vendome, Weiser
10 am - 3 pm Jan 17

Pow Wow and University of Scouting
Jan 24 at Capital HS, Boise 8am-4pm

 Winter Merit Badge Clinic
Payette LDS Church
9am - 1pm Feb 7 
Winter Merit Badge Clinic
Payette LDS Church
9am - 1pm Feb 7 
 Adult Leader Training
Boy Scout, Varsity, Venture
February 21, Ontario Stake Center


District Winter Camporee
Feb 27-28

Oregon Trail Varsity blog is here 

Note to all Scout Units. If you would like to schedule use of the Christensen Pond for scouting activities, contact Verna after March 1, at 208-674-2193 for an available time/date or go to http://www.ChristensenPond.com/ for info.

Additional Youth Protection Online Instructions

  1. Use Internet Explorer 7 or higher...even Google Chrome is a problem
  2. Turn off popup blocker or allow popups (every toolbar)
  3. Don't use MAC's      
  4. There is also some info here https://documents.scouting.org/MyScouting/MyScoutingFAQ.htm
  5. if you still have problems please email myscouting@netbsa.org they will reply within a day

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