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2016 Recharter Dates
Ontario  -- Tue, Dec 6
Nyssa  --  Wed, Dec 7
Community Units and
Burns ----  Thu, Dec 8
Weiser -- Wed, Dec 14
contact Jan Partin
New cell 208-899-7304

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Journey To Excellence replaces Honor Unit award


                        Calendar Highlights                       
 Aug 10 Cub Leaders Only Round Table at Jan Partin's home 1803 Allens Ave. Fruitland &:30 pm
 Aug 19 Trail to 1st Class Day Camp, Cow Hollow Park south and west of Nyssa, OR   
 Sep 7 McCall Round Table 
 Sep 14 Round Table, Payette HS Cafeteria 7:30pm 
 Sep 16  Cub Scout Leader Training, 8:30am to Noon, Ontario LDS Stake center 1705 NW 4th Ave, Ontario 
 Oct 12 Round Table, Payette HS Cafeteria 7:30pm 
 Oct 21 Cub Scout Shooting Sports 
 Oct 21  MB Clinic, Ontario          also, Jamboree on the Air
 Oct 28 Scouting For Food starts distribution of flyers
 Nov 2 McCall Round Table 
 Nov 4  Pick Up Scouting for Food 
 Nov 9 Round Table, Payette HS Cafeteria 7:30pm 

Upcoming Activities by Group  


Cub Scout Shooting Sports
Oct 21,
Ontario, OR

Fall MB Clinic
Oct 21


Seven Rivers District Cub Scout Leader Training
September 16  8:30am to noon
Ontario LDS Stake Center, 1705 NW 4th Ave, Ontario
Scouting for Food
Oct 28 - Nov 4 
Scouting For Food
Oct 28 - Nov 4 

Updated Calendar 3-6-17
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Additional Youth Protection Online Instructions
  http://www.my.scouting.org/ use your myscouting.org name & pass word

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  3. If you have connected your my scouting account with the Ore Ida Council, and have included your membership ID number, then all of the trainings you take here will automatically be recorded for you. 

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