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Most pictures above were taken September 5, 2009.  High Biomass Sorghum continued growing through September until first major frost. 

2009 Crops under cultivation in Treasure Valley near Fruitland, Idaho: Hybrid High Biomass Sorghum, Sunflower, Hybrid Sudan/Sorghum cross, Switch Grass

  • Production size test fields totaling 30 acres.
  • Goals: Determination varietal qualities most suited for fuel production in local area.
  • Planting dates June 15 (soil temp 70+) and July 15 (few days following start of wheat harvest in area considering double crop potential)
  • Photos above taken Sept 5, 2009  3 days prior to first cutting of Hybrid Sudan/Sorghum varieties.
  • High Biomass Sorghum varieties were left to grow full season until hard freeze date.

Harvesting results and Growing season observations:

  • Hi Biomass Sorghum out yielded any other crop significantly 
  • Crops plant at second planting date did not produce acceptable tonnage.
  • Compared to corn, water usage was noticably less.
  • seed spacing in the row was too close on 22" single. 

Growing considerations:

  • Important: Don't plant too early. Don't plant too deep
  • Planting date should be May 15 - June 15
  • Soil temp 70 F.
  • Depth of seed 1/2 -1"
  • Seed spacing is important.  Twin row on 22" rows for surface irrigation, or 14-15" single row spacing under sprinkler.
  • Seed count 110,000 / acre.
  • Plan to lightly irrigate immediately to secure germination
  • Anticipate using 150 N 65 P 120 K as general fertilizer recommendation   

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