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We are not developing "Solar Farms" but are introducing solar on existing lower quality ranch ground.  Thus the name "Solar Ranching" is a much better description of what we do.

Renewable Ag Energy situates and spaces our solar panels so that the existing agricultural practices will be able to continue with little adverse effect from the generation of electricity. 

Producing Electricity from dedicated energy crops grown on Treasure Valley farms is a reality.

This season nearly 1500 acres of High Biomass Sorghum was grown on Co-op Members fields in Malheur County and the Columbia Basin.  The harvest is complete and the crop is being stored in silage form awaiting processing.

RAE is actively seeking Malheur County and Columbia Basin farmers to contract growing significant acreage of Hybrid Sorghum for the 2011 crop year.  This crop will probably replace some of your corn, bean, or grain acreage in your current rotation.  Call for details and get answers to your questions about this opportunity.

Photo courtesy CERES, Inc   

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